Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dog names

I have been taking care of my brother’s dog for almost a month already. I am not complaining and actually I enjoy it a lot. My son loves the dog too. I am even thinking of buying one for us because it looks like my son enjoys having a pet. Now, I am thinking if ever we will have our own pet, what would be the best name for him. I found this site that has a lot of suggestion for dog’s name, I found the Labrador Retriever Names really cute and unique. I might select one of the names here if ever we have our own pet already.


  1. mahal naman kasi ng mga pet dogs, okay sana ung mga askals kaya lang, medyo ew ahaha

  2. dati ang names ng aso ko, may kokey, may zaddam :D

  3. ngayon ang name ng aso namin pulgoso ahaha


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