Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three Cheers and Many Thanks Blog Contest by Yapatoots

Another great blogger is celebrating her blog Anniversary and it's no other than Teacher Ria of i am a woman, hear me rawr. She is also giving away great prizes and there are Three ways to win. The grand prize is to create the Best blog entry, which I don't think I can qualify. haha. I am not really creative and it is 50% of the criteria. Good thing, the next way to win to complete all the requirements, and three winners will be chosen randomly. Which, by another chance, I have doubts in winning, I would only have about 35 % chances on winning. Haha. I am not lucky in raffles. But I am not sad, because the third way of winning is beat all by being the Top Commentator, the Highest Scorer or the Early Bird! Okay now, I read that there is a winner for the early bird already so I am not eyeing that one. I am looking forward to be the Highest scorer or the top commentator. Okay, will see what happens.

To put my blabbing aside, I just want to invite all of you to join this contest too. Maybe you are luckier than me. :D As I mentioned great prizes awaits the lucky winner and here are Teacher Ria's sponsors:

And to make this post an official entry to the contest, I am thankful and grateful for many things in my life. Just the fact that I was able to survive 2009 is already a blessing and it's worth mentioning. Many things happened in 2009 and I am thankful that God still gave me(all of us) to live one more year in our lives. And another best thing in 2009 is that I learned to blog. haha. Yes, I started blogging in August 2009, and now I am enjoying it so much.

Are you thankful for something this past year? Share it with us and you can have a chance to win great prizes! :-)


  1. thanks for joining! please don't forget to fill up the entry form so i can validate your entry! here's the link :-)

  2. yeah remember this contest but I not active


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