Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Wish: Outreach Program Year 3

I used to be part of a forum. Forum members see each other from time to time, which is commonly called "EB."  Paulo, one of the forum member, suggested we have an Outreach EB. We will choose an orphanage and do something good for them, like visit, party, etc. He organized it and we, the other forum members helped. It was a success, and after one year, we organized another outreach program. I have blog about the Outreach year one here, and the outreach year two here, which we called Online for a cause. Not only that we had so much fun, the feeling was really good to see the kids very happy. They felt really loved, and though it is their first time to see us, they would hug us, talk to us and would play with us.

Now that the forum is inactive already, we became busy with our own lives but the friendship goes on. we still communicate with each other through YM and FB.  We all have a common desire, to have an outreach program year 3.  We said that the forum is not the only reason why we do this activity but the reason is to be helpful and to share our blessings in our own little way. I have blogged about it here, but due to our busy schedule and financial limitations up to now we don't have concrete plan and budget for this activity.

Just another Pixle's Make a Wish Blog Contest is very timely. It gave me the opportunity to publish my wish and who knows, this wish might come true. I know this entry is very simple, I am not creative but it is for a good cause. Anybody can help to make it come true. My wish is for us to be able to pursue our Outreach Program Year 3. May our resources be enough to do this program. This is not for our personal gain, but the aim is to make the kids in an orphanage really happy.



  1. wow! wish for a cause. keep it up!

  2. that's a real good cause. join my giveaway too sis,

  3. i never tried doing an EB :D simply because ang layo ko:D ahahah


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