Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Drama Queen

 This is a blog review as an entry to Yuuki's Twin Blogversary Contest

Contests, Freebies and Giveaway craze is dominated by black and red color, but definitely I am not a drama queen. I do watch some shows that has light drama but I avoid too much drama just like Yuuki. She is the real Drama Queen. Her Blog is also dominated by black and red just like mine but her blog is all about her addiction to Asian Dramas.

Recently, her Viao laptop gave up that's why her update on Asian dramas are not that frequent. Not just that, recently also, she is getting addicted to other dramas, not just Asian Dramas anymore. She is now fond of watching Vampire Diaries, House and heroes to name a few. It is still drama right? Asian or non Asian dramas, I guess it's just fine, as long as she lives up to her being the one and only Drama Queen. :) I guess, lots of people will be able to relate with her topics, since most of us, especially Filipinos, once was hook with Asian Dramas, remember the Meteor Garden phenomenon? How about Boys over Flower? I know they have same story line but still Filipinos watched them. You will see articles about BOF and other series on the Drama Queen, so don't forget to visit her site and be updated.


  1. Yuuki is indeed unique. Besides watching Asian dramas, most Filipnos love to eat adobo. Nagustuhan ko talaga!

    Thank you very much for posting this Weblog entry. Ang bait-bait mo. You're very kind.

  2. garbe naman kung mkapag review itong si red, dalawa dalawa talaga for a site ehehe

  3. yeah lots of drama she likes taiwan drama :D hehe.. me prefer Hong Kong drama


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