Friday, May 28, 2010

Sinjin's Contest

Prizes at stake:
The prizes at stake are:
1st Prize: P5,000
2nd Prize: P3,000
3rd Prize: P2,000

Contest ends on May 31.
Hurry now and join!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Drama Queen

 This is a blog review as an entry to Yuuki's Twin Blogversary Contest

Contests, Freebies and Giveaway craze is dominated by black and red color, but definitely I am not a drama queen. I do watch some shows that has light drama but I avoid too much drama just like Yuuki. She is the real Drama Queen. Her Blog is also dominated by black and red just like mine but her blog is all about her addiction to Asian Dramas.

Recently, her Viao laptop gave up that's why her update on Asian dramas are not that frequent. Not just that, recently also, she is getting addicted to other dramas, not just Asian Dramas anymore. She is now fond of watching Vampire Diaries, House and heroes to name a few. It is still drama right? Asian or non Asian dramas, I guess it's just fine, as long as she lives up to her being the one and only Drama Queen. :) I guess, lots of people will be able to relate with her topics, since most of us, especially Filipinos, once was hook with Asian Dramas, remember the Meteor Garden phenomenon? How about Boys over Flower? I know they have same story line but still Filipinos watched them. You will see articles about BOF and other series on the Drama Queen, so don't forget to visit her site and be updated.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Want to win prizes while earning how to make money blogging?

Make Money Blogging

Heidi of Little People Wealth is having a blogging series on How to Make Money Blogging. Aside from the fact that we will learn with this series, she is also giving different ways of advertising your blog that will help in boosting your blogs traffic. She is giving away:
  • One blog will win one month of advertising with an Adgitize coupon gift certificate.
  • Two blogs will win 500 EntrecardCredits (each) to be used to advertise on other blogs.
  • Three blogs will win the opportunity to be a featured blog on Little People Wealth. You will get one month of advertising in the sidebar plus a post written just about you and your blog!
  • Three blogs will win one month of advertising in the sidebar of Little People Wealth.
  • Four blogs will win one month of advertising in the sidebar of Budget a Wedding, a blog about how to save money while still having the wedding of your dreams. 

There are just three steps to be qualified for the giveaway. Head on to her site, learn how to make money, and follow the steps so you can have a chance to win advertising packages. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Easy $100-National I Can’t Come Up With A Blog Post Day

Join The Ad Master's Win An EASY $100-National I Can’t Come Up With A Blog Post Day!

Contest ends: June 1, 2010
Open Internationally
Joining is so easy, just click here for more details.

Mommy's Merry Month of May Give Away

This is the header of Mommy Rubz. Obviously, this is Mommy Rubz with her three kids, it shows that she is very proud of her kids. With the blog title, you will never miss that the author is Mommy Rubz herself. It has three columns template that contains useful widgets like archives, categories, pages and top commentators. This blog is all about her life as a mother. She blogs about her family memories, personal musings, and even some ways to earn money through blogs. She is making this blog her main personal blog and she is letting the whole blogosphere know about it by hosting her contest called Mommy's Merry Month of May Blog Giveaway. Isn't she generous?

The Prizes at stake are as follows:
First Prize:
$10.00 via PAYPAL
5,000 Entrecard credits
468×60 Banner Ad for One Month
COM and Blog Hosting for One Year
Second Prize:
$8.00 via PAYPAL
3,000 Entrecard credits
125×125 Banner Ad for One Month
COM Domain and Blog Hosting for One Year
Third Prize:
$5.00 via PAYPAL
1,000 Entrecard credits
Text Link Ad for One Month
INFO Domain Blog Hosting for One Year

The contest will end on May 31, so head on to her site and start accumulating points to have better chances of winning.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog Make Over Giveaway!!!

Do you want a personalized template for your blog? Do you envy those lovely blog templates around the blogosphere? Do you know that most of the chic blog template around is created by K. You can visit some of her designs here. Enough of the talk, all I want to say is that She is having a BLOG MAKE OVER GIVEAWAY! Yes, you read it right, and it's in All caps. This is really something that you can't miss something this extravagant.

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway

Here’s what’s up for grab:
Up to $100 worth of WordPress or Blogger Makeover including:

* custom header and footer
* custom background
* custom favicon
* custom navigation bar
* custom post footer (for Blogger)
* fancy post title font
* 125×125 button/badge
* personalized signature
* fancy comment section
* layout style of winner’s choice
* and anything else that will make the makeover fab 

Don't waste your time, head on to the site, click the banner or click here. And start doing your entry. Winner will be randomly selected, which I know I won't be that lucky but still I am hoping. hahaha

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Finally, it's here.

I know this is super late, but I just received this last Wednesday morning. I wasn't expecting it anymore but our messenger hand it over to me last Wednesday. (I used our office address). I just don't know how long it is sitting in our mailbox before he got it. :D Anyway, thanks Kotex for the freebies.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

KitchenAid Mixer Contest - Sponsored Post

Almost all moms loves to cook. We want the best, healthy and delicious food for our family. Who wouldn't want a KitchenAid Mixer? I'm sure most of you want to own one for free! Just share your favorite summer sweets recipe and have a chance to win Kitchen Aid Mixer at

just a note, open to US residents only

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Post..Drop.. Cash Contest


Yashiro is celebrating his 2nd Blogversary. As usual, he is hosting a contest to celebrate two years in the blogosphere.

What's up dro grabs?

  •  First Prize - $50 Through Paypal
  •  Second Prize - $25 Through Paypal
  •  Third Prize - $10 Through Paypal
  •  Special Prize 2 Best Review of Mommy Gen’s Blog and Mommy Gen’s Corner
  •  Scrapbook Supplies - worth $20 - - Momgen's Corner - ship anywhere Scrapbook supplies - worth $10 - - Momgen's Corner - ship anywhere
  •  Plus other prizes

Primary Sponsor

My Thoughts, My Heart, My TurfRache The Blogger
Secondary Sponsors
Recaptured Moments
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redismaroseHome BuddiesiblogaholicPhotobucketWonderful Things In LifeMusings of LifeMy Daily SnippetsDiva FabulosaThe Pinay BloggerLiving Life To The FullestHome and ParentingMy Moms BestRandom Blog ContestRache The TeacherRache PhotographyRache Technologypointersinlife.comjovdavid
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Wish: Outreach Program Year 3

I used to be part of a forum. Forum members see each other from time to time, which is commonly called "EB."  Paulo, one of the forum member, suggested we have an Outreach EB. We will choose an orphanage and do something good for them, like visit, party, etc. He organized it and we, the other forum members helped. It was a success, and after one year, we organized another outreach program. I have blog about the Outreach year one here, and the outreach year two here, which we called Online for a cause. Not only that we had so much fun, the feeling was really good to see the kids very happy. They felt really loved, and though it is their first time to see us, they would hug us, talk to us and would play with us.

Now that the forum is inactive already, we became busy with our own lives but the friendship goes on. we still communicate with each other through YM and FB.  We all have a common desire, to have an outreach program year 3.  We said that the forum is not the only reason why we do this activity but the reason is to be helpful and to share our blessings in our own little way. I have blogged about it here, but due to our busy schedule and financial limitations up to now we don't have concrete plan and budget for this activity.

Just another Pixle's Make a Wish Blog Contest is very timely. It gave me the opportunity to publish my wish and who knows, this wish might come true. I know this entry is very simple, I am not creative but it is for a good cause. Anybody can help to make it come true. My wish is for us to be able to pursue our Outreach Program Year 3. May our resources be enough to do this program. This is not for our personal gain, but the aim is to make the kids in an orphanage really happy.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boggle Me Thursday 2

This is my second Boggle Me Thursday on this site. I'm a bit late but I hope it's okay.


Here's my word for today's boggle:


Few words for today. I'll try to make a sentence out of it.

Did you see the fee for the quiz of the quiet fat man who almost quit because there was a dirt on his tie. :D :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Three Cheers and Many Thanks Blog Contest by Yapatoots

Another great blogger is celebrating her blog Anniversary and it's no other than Teacher Ria of i am a woman, hear me rawr. She is also giving away great prizes and there are Three ways to win. The grand prize is to create the Best blog entry, which I don't think I can qualify. haha. I am not really creative and it is 50% of the criteria. Good thing, the next way to win to complete all the requirements, and three winners will be chosen randomly. Which, by another chance, I have doubts in winning, I would only have about 35 % chances on winning. Haha. I am not lucky in raffles. But I am not sad, because the third way of winning is beat all by being the Top Commentator, the Highest Scorer or the Early Bird! Okay now, I read that there is a winner for the early bird already so I am not eyeing that one. I am looking forward to be the Highest scorer or the top commentator. Okay, will see what happens.

To put my blabbing aside, I just want to invite all of you to join this contest too. Maybe you are luckier than me. :D As I mentioned great prizes awaits the lucky winner and here are Teacher Ria's sponsors:

And to make this post an official entry to the contest, I am thankful and grateful for many things in my life. Just the fact that I was able to survive 2009 is already a blessing and it's worth mentioning. Many things happened in 2009 and I am thankful that God still gave me(all of us) to live one more year in our lives. And another best thing in 2009 is that I learned to blog. haha. Yes, I started blogging in August 2009, and now I am enjoying it so much.

Are you thankful for something this past year? Share it with us and you can have a chance to win great prizes! :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amazing Give-aways from Grace

Grace of Amazing Grace is celebrating her first blogversary. So, she thought of giving away this amazing gifts.

It's so easy to join. just blog about the contest, add her sites on your blog roll, and comment the url here.
So easy, right? Contest is until June 15. For participants outside the Philippines, you should have your address here in the Philippines to be able to join the giveaway

Online Arcade Games

My son likes to play games online. He would often ask for permission if he can use the computer and play some games. He has some favorite sites wherein he can play his favorite games. I stumbled on a new arcade game sites. I think my son would be interested with this one. I like this site too. I saw a particular game called Ramble Scramble.

I like to play word games online. It helps sharpen my vocabulary. With this game you just need to create words with at least three letters. Letters would flash one by one. I like this game, we can play this for free, but I can register if I want to.Anyway, there are a lot of games to choose from, and for sure my son would like this site because it has super heroes game.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Game is On at YTBC

Since I am one of the sponsors of this contest, I would also like to be one of the first people who will blog about the contest. I want to help Yuuki by spreading the word about the contest. I want her to have many participants. This will make the contest for exciting.

It’s Not Always About Me and Drama Queen will have it's first blogversary this May. Yuuki, the author of these blogs want to celebrate it with us with  Yuuki's Twin Blogversary Contest or simply YTBC.

what's up for grabs?

Cash Prizes


1st Prize – $100

2nd Prize – $30

3rd Prize – $20


$5 x 10nos

Special Awards:

FC (First Commenter) Blab Award

1 month Adgitize GC

1 info domain and 1-yr blog hosting (Pinay Mommy Online)

Best Blog Review Award

1 month Adgitize GC

1 info domain and 1-yr blog hosting (Pinay Mommy Online)

The prizes are exciting, right? What are you waiting for, head on to Yuuki's site, and start doing your entries. You have one month to do this because contest ends on May 31.

Yuuki's Blogs
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