Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Did Baby React? Contest

Lainy’s Musings’ 2nd. Blogoversary Contest

Lainy's Musing is celebrating her Second Blogoversary and she is celebrating it with her readers by hosting a contest. All you have to do is to guess why this baby have this reaction:

The Prizes are as follows:

Winner: 30.00 USD (Thirty U.S Dollars) + 10K Entrecard Credits.
(sponsored by Lainy’s Musings)

Runner-up: 15.00 USD (Fifteen U.S Dollars) + 5K Entrecard Credits.
(sponsored by Our Journey To Forever)

Second Runner-up: 5.00 USD (Five U.S Dollars) + 3K Entrecard Credits.
(sponsored by KUERDAS)

Head on to Lainy's musing for more details.


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