Thursday, April 8, 2010

I won an Adigitize coupon

At the beginning of March, I joined a contest of 113 tidbits, I posted it here.
After a month of reading and commenting on his blog, I won the Adgitize coupon. I was so happy to see his announcement.

Adgitize your web site.

I used the coupon to advertise my Personal blog. So, if you happen to see this badge on the adgitize widget, please do click it.

what is adgitize? It is world class advertising in a blogger's budget. Yes at $14 for a month's advertising, your traffic will soar high plus you can get your money back plus a little income.Since, I won the 113 tidbit's contest, I have a free advertising for this month.


  1. congratulations to you! that means more earnings for you. :)

  2. very nice I just won one that is only 7 days I choose adgitize not the dog prize as my dad dogs will not happy see just one toy.


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