Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally, 105 Buzz Rating for my son's Cafe

Yes, after weeks of cooking and serving my son's buzz rating at Cafe world at facebook is now 105. This is the highest buzz rating. So, what's the Buzz rating is all about? The higher the buzz, the more customers will come in to your Cafe, thus producing more Cafe coins for your spending. Happy and satisfied customer will give you a buzz rating of +0.01, while an unsatisfied customer can give you a negativ 1.0 buzz rating. You need to serve 1050 satisfied customer in order to boost your buzz rating. So, how do you do it?

Simple, just serve food everyday. Plan your menu well. Timing is important. Check out the cooking time of each food and make sure that you will be online the time it would be serve, or else multiply the cooking time by 2 so you'll be online just before it spoils. Example, Burger's cooking time is 5 minutes. It will spoil 5 minutes after it is cooked.

If you don't have enough food close your cafe so that no customer will go in your cafe. Just drag the door to your inventory. This will give you more time to cook food. Cooked food on the counter will not spoil.

Trap the cook and your waiters. You can just rearrange your counter, stove and table that it will give trap the employees inside. They will still serve the food but they don't have to walk around. See the layout above, they are just trap inside the small rectangular area.

Lastly, spread some love. Give food gifts to your neighbor so that they will give you gifts in return. This can be served immediately, and will give additional coins for you. You can also check the news feed and see if some of your friends shared their blessings!

That's all for now. I will be giving out some more tips and tricks that were tested by me.

Good luck and have fun cooking!


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