Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog Review: Up Now & What's Next

Up now & What's Next is another blog brought to you by the sexy wife of Chichi and the loving mom of Robynne, no other than Marice. This is also a sponsor to Bambie's My Thoughts, My Life, My Turf's blogversary contest, and this review is an entry for that contest, if you haven't join the contest, click here for more details.

The header has an image of a girl similar to the girl on Life Can't Wait header. Why not, these are both her site. This site have a three column template, sidebars on the right and the left which also contains mini sidebar. Left sidebars which is dedicated for different ads and badge contest while the right sidebar contains recent comments, shoutbox, adgitize widget and rankings. It has also a three column template footer, where in you can see details about her, follow widget and some other badges.

Up now and what's next is a blog dedicated for giveaways and contests. Like me, Marice is fond of joining contests and giveaways. You will get updated on what is the latest contest online. Aside from that, there are also updates on sales and offerings from the offline world. So, if you are like us, who loves contest, giveaways, and discounts you better visit this site to know what's Up now and What's Next.

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